November 13, 2012

Cotopaxi: The Sleeping Volcano

At the start of this academic year, Greg and I made a list of places we wanted to travel to in the year we had left in Ecuador. Cotopaxi made the list. It was really spectacular to see a volcano so huge (the second highest summit in Quito), but yet one that people climb all the time. In fact, Greg's cousin Sara climbed it when she was here. And we have a few other friends who've also climbed it.

The nice thing about the area is that it's not just one volcano - there's a whole bunch of them there surrounding the valley we were in. Even when Cotopaxi was covered in clouds, the rest of the scenery was really beautiful to look at. I'll write more about our trip in another couple blog posts.

This is my favorite pic of Cotopaxi.
We had an AMAZING sunset on the last night.

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