November 29, 2012

Movie Review: Intouchables

This is a seriously good movie - Greg and I both couldn't remember the last time we had laughed so hard in a movie theater. And given we were watching the movie in French with Spanish subtitles, that's gotta say a lot!

How we got into a movie in French with Spanish subtitles is another story. We wanted to see the new Bond, but the one in English was all sold out (although the Spanish-dubbed ones weren't sold out *curious*). So we were scrounging around for another movie coming up soon and saw this one. It looked good so we bought our tickets. Just after we sat down in our seats, we started pondering if this French movie would have English or Spanish subtitles. Duh! I don't even know what we were thinking on this one.

But lucky mistake! Now we have a very good reason to see it again... this time in English!

The basic story is about this rich guy who's a quadriplegic and needs a caretaker. A poor French-African guy shows up and ends up getting the job caring for him. The rest is history (actual history since it's based on a true story)... and quite funny. Check out the trailer: 

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