November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Although we are far away this Thanksgiving (and no, this is not a holiday that is celebrated down here), we still feel the love from our family and friends. Thanks for keeping up with our blog over the last 3+ years!

Here's our little list of what we feel thankful for today:
  • Our health and happiness (and that of our family and friends)
  • Our time hanging out with family and friends this summer
  • Our baby niece, Emily Clare, who came into this world on Oct.1
  • Scoots (for being a big source of amusement for us)
  • Our apartment overlooking a volcano and much of Quito
  • Getting to know a new culture
  • Being able to speak Spanish every day
  • Quimbolitos, a delicious Ecuadorian dessert
  • Parque Metropolitano, the huge park we live at the base of
  • Our ability to take daytrips and long weekends away at some pretty awesome places 
We're going to a Thanksgiving potluck tonight with some friends of ours. It'll be interesting to see what everyone makes because you can't always find American goods here. For example, cranberries probably won't make an appearance, but for the meat eaters, there'll definitely be a turkey. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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