November 15, 2012

Not so wild animals at Cotopaxi

In my previous blog post, I talked about our weekend in Cotopaxi. I've got a few more posts to share with you all about it. But this one is a special one to me because the animals at The Secret Garden hostel were very cool.
llama on the move
We literally had two llamas and a horse feeding outside our cabin door every day. The horse and I had a silent communication one day on my way back from breakfast. I gave him a little pet, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't interested in getting petted. He wanted something to nibble on. 
beautiful horses (their heads are so big)
The llamas were the coolest - they kept an eye on the dogs because the wiener dog, Mash, liked to bite their ankles, and the spotted dog, Milo, liked to run at them at high speeds, barking wildly. 

Greg and the llamas watching the dogs
Greg and Mash, who loved to climb up on our laps
whenever we took a break on our hike.
The hostel grounds themselves were huge and allowed for having lots of dogs and animals running around. The hostel was set about 3 km back from the road without any other buildings nearby so I'm guessing all the land around it is theirs. You can see the "driveway" in the picture below. It made for a bumpy ride driving in, but it was totally worth it.
can you spot the dog?
pun intended (he's a dalmatian)
One day we walked along this road with two of the dogs. Greg and I wouldn't do all the activities the other travelers would do, like horseback riding or climbing up mountains, so we walked around the area a lot and always had furry hiking companions.

The dogs loved to follow us. Greg was scared they'd follow us on to the main road on our first walk around, but really the main road was mostly empty so he stopped worrying about them. We were both surprised how far Mash, the dachshund, could walk. He had so much energy and didn't whine to turn back at all. He also could do some pretty high jumping for a thing his size, which made me feel like I had to keep up with him. :-)
Mash taking a break on my lap before breakfast

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