August 12, 2010

Croatia: Ferry and Zadar

We took the car ferry to Zadar and let me tell you, was that a fun way to travel! I'm being completely serious, too. I remember car ferries that we took back in Wisconsin to get to Michigan. Naturally I associated ferries with incessant rocking, cold and discomfort. This one was surprisingly nicer - steady throughout; frequent stops at quaint little islands along the way; and warm bathrooms with soap (my mom would be so happy). Plus, we got to see the sunset...
Sunset sometime between Cres and Zadar
I especially loved the sea breeze in my hair, the impressionistic colors of the water, the rocky shores passing slowly on the right, and the foaming waves spritzing from below. We arrived in Zadar late and hurried through the old city to our hotel before it closed for the night. As soon as we dropped off our bags, we went out because seriously, everyone and their brother were out for the night. Little bars and cafes lined the narrow old city marbled streets and everywhere people were walking around with ice cream cones. The streets were bustling even past midnight on that warm night.

The next day we went to see the sea organ that produced music from the waves and did a lot of people watching at local cafes. Then we caught a bus to Plitvice National Park, which Greg has promised to write a post about soon so I won't go into details besides saying get excited for the awesomeness of the place.  Anyway, we returned to Zadar where Greg had one short afternoon at the beach before it started raining. Sadly, it rained for the last day and a half in Zadar, but we found diversions involving pizza, bureks, really cheap movie tickets, reading, cards and making buddies with the pizza guy who spoke four languages well.

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