August 15, 2010

Gladiolas on a Sunday

Last Sunday, Greg and I had planned on picking raspberries with the slim hope that it was still raspberry season here. It wasn't. We couldn't even find the field - that's how wrong we were! It was so typical that when we finally got around to doing something, it was over. The locals seem to all follow a sort of timetable for this sort of stuff that I just haven't acclimated to yet, I guess.

Anyway, we didn't pick raspberries, but we did come across one of the many lovely bluemen fields that they have here - basically, you pick your own flowers fresh out of the field.

It's all on an honor system and unlike in the US, where people might try to cheat the system, here they actually pay the correct amount for the flowers! And they trust them to bring back the little knives used to cut the flowers, too!! They almost had an overflow of little flower knives, that's how straight-laced everyone is here. It's unreal sometimes.

Our flowers that we picked

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