August 6, 2010

Ljublana, Slovenia

View of river and market area
On our first day of our trip, we took the train to Ljubljana (pronounced: "Lyoo-blyah-nah") for a quick day there. Although the city was quiet, we were impressed with all the creativity that we were met with. The city has a nice old town district to walk through and reasonable boutiques have sprung up throughout that area. Most of the shops were filled with unique, local crafts that aren't the usual kitschy tourist junk. It was inspiring to see some of the work these people were doing.

Greg with first cheese burek of trip
Greg and I strolled through the city and then hiked up the hill to the castle, which was not very impressive although said to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in Slovenia. That's not saying much about the rest of the attractions in Slovenia, I think. It was sort of off-and-on rainy that day so we ended up chilling in the afternoon alongside the river with cups of tea, listening to jazz and watching the rain splash down.

We also got our first cheese burek in Ljubljana. For those who have not had or seen a cheese burek before, it's basically a cheesy pastry that is pretty greasy, but oh so good! It's filled with a salty cheese like feta, but a little lighter. While we didn't have this treat every day, we did relish it fairly often on this trip. As vegetarians, sometimes it was one of our only options at restaurants or cafes.

Here are some more photos from the city:
Dragons guarding the Dragon bridge
View of city from the hilltop
Greg, ready to go up the hill

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