August 5, 2010

Visitors of the Year

As many of you know, we've been in Munich for just over a year now and counted 16 total visitors from July to July! So we thought it'd be fun to do a wrap-up with pictures *hopefully we got it right*.

Lee, Leif and Greg in July 2009 - these two just welcomed a little one to their family a couple months ago!
My aunt Smadar in November (although she didn't come to see just us :-)

Jessica and Chris on their honeymoon (!!!) in September

Robin and Ryan spent a night with us in the fall

My grandma, Safta Rachel, in December

Oren and Erin happened to overlap their visits so we had plenty of pretzel and beer time together.

My other grandmother, Safta Tzipi, came twice to visit my aunt and cousins as well.

Santhi and her boyfriend, James, stopped over before a conference in March for a few days.

And of course, we just had Greg's parents and Aunt Kathy in from Wisconsin.

With all these guests, you may be wondering if we have any others lined up. Yes, we do! This week, Greg's friend from high school, Trisha, is in town and will head to Prague for a bit. Then, my parents come in for a few days. And we just got word that Greg's college buddy, Sarah, and her boyfriend, Davidian, will be here in October. Surprisingly, no one is coming for Oktoberfest or the strong beer fest in the spring. We love having visitors so these are definitely exciting times!

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