August 17, 2010

Nature's Waterpark

After a suggestion from a friend of a friend, we decided that going to Plitvice National Park in central Croatia was a must see of our one-week trip. We left Zadar and took a 2-and-1/2 hour bus ride away from the coast and into the mountains. Like many other stops on our trip, we took a blind traveler's leap based on one sentence from the guidebook on how to get to and from this living art work of the Earth. Blind because our travel book only said that buses run to the park - without any listed stops. I only had a rough plan of what to do if we got dropped off many miles from our hotel.

The pictures speak for themselves, yet even then, it's difficult capturing the true depth of the blues and greens in this "land before time." I kept waiting for a dinosaur to walk out from behind a tree or swoop through the sky. So sit back for a moment, imagine the smell of a fresh spring air and the sound of rushing water around every turn as you hike on boardwalks over lakes and waterfalls through Plitvice.

If these few photos do not satisfy your hunger for more, check out our full collection. You will not be disappointed!

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