August 3, 2010

Traveller's Cheques - "Not" Accepted Everywhere

How many of you know what a traveller's cheque is? I can name three people who do, but at least 100 businesses in Europe that do not. As with all family vacations, running jokes seem to really stick in my family and create memories last a lifetime.
The recent visit of my parents and aunt to Europe gave us another perspective on the subtle differences among cultures and a continued interest in our travels. Although our journey started off on a hot train ride to Prague, with the lack of a promised chocolate box and one debit card swallowed by an ATM, we managed to make the most of our time.

Prague is a great stop if you are heading out of Munich. There is a totally different feeling in the city with its tight streets in the old city that scatter out from a main square. I was especially happy to get a second look at the city. Last time Ayelet and I were here (in Prague) in February, the days were short and we were both under the weather travelers.
summer fishing across the river from the Prague Castle

The best part about summer in the city is all of the outdoor live music. This was a big jazz event in Prague with the temperature so hot that a firetruck was parked among the people with a wide spray of water. There were more adults getting soaked than kids.

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