August 21, 2010

First Guest Blog: Priscilla

We are very grateful to Greg and Ayelet for their kind and patient hospitality during our July 2010 visit to Munich. Their tours from trains to trams to museums to castles to parks were fascinating! We took hundreds of photos of beautiful sites and some very sad sites. We are very grateful for all that we learned and enjoyed in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.
Schonbrunn Palace
St. Stephan's Cathedral - Vienna
Best of all was spending time with Greg, Ayelet and Scoots!
Breakfast in Vienna
We very much enjoyed having a picnic and also visiting with Ayelet's Aunt Na'ama, Uncle Gil and their
children. Delicious food and we appreciated the rides with Na'ama from the airport and to the picnic.
Beer Bike - you must pedal to move
It was much fun to have our last evening of vacation at a bier garten with Greg and Ayelet's very nice friends and co-workers who lived all over the world before they lived in Munich. I talked with a couple from New Zealand - my first time ever talking with people from New Zealand!
What a fabulous adventure!
Thank you very much, Greg and Ayelet. You two are amazing!
Love, Mom/Priscilla

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  1. Looks like Priscilla is getting the blogging bug:-)

    So glad you all had fun!!! We're a little jealous we aren't in a place in life where we can come visit you all easily, but one day:-)

    Love you all!